What We Believe

At the Christian Coalition for Safe Families, when we talk about domestic violence we are always talking about all kinds of domestic abuse. We use the words violence and abuse interchangeably to mean coercive control, psychological, verbal, legal, emotional, economic, physical, sexual and/or religious control. We know that any domestic abuse behavior against another is a violent assault on that person’s very being, their heart, their soul, their psyche. We know that domestic abuse is a deliberate, intentional pattern of power and control over another individual in an intimate relationship or family relationship. We know that when the abuser feels that he/she can no longer control the other person in the same manner, the abusive behavior frequently escalates. We know that children intuitively are aware of the abuse in a relationship, whether they see it or not. So when we talk about any kind of domestic abuse situation, we keep in mind that any kind of such abuse is soul damaging, has the potential to escalate, and creates its own legacy.